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Breeding Accel is a collaboration between 4 floricultural breeders.

Breeding Accel is a breeding platform founded by four floricultural breeders 

This cooperation was started by our leading companies in the ornamental horticulture trade: KP Holland, Interplant Roses, Schoneveld Breeding and Sion Young Plants. These independent family businesses are establishing Breeding Accel, an innovative knowledge platform that unites the expertise and research capacity of the individual companies. Its objective is to reduce the time to market, invest jointly in the latest breeding technologies, and exchange knowledge. Since none of these companies competes with each other with regard to their genetics, this maximises transparency and collaboration.

Naturally, our customers - the growers - will also benefit from this collaboration: starting material of even higher quality as well as a shorter breeding cycle providing quicker access to new genetics.

We are committed to accelerating the time to market. The use of the latest technologies will also make it easier to realise products displaying truly distinctive characteristics. Yet another advantage for customers is that they will have access to a very wide range of products: from roses to Kalanchoë, Spathiphyllum, Curcuma, Primula, Ranunculus, Cyclamen, Campanula and Phalaenopsis. 

Stronger in breeding by sharing our knowledge Ed Moor, Sion Orchids

Our goals

Better, faster, broader

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Four leading breeders launch breeding platform: Breeding Accel
Four leading breeders launch breeding platform: Breeding Accel
KP Holland, Interplant Roses, Schoneveld Breeding & Sion Young Plants work closely together in the field of breeding
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