Fresh Forward Breeding joins Breeding Accel
Fresh Forward Breeding joins Breeding Accel

Breeding Accel was founded in 2014, when KP Holland, Schoneveld Breeding, Sion Orchids and Interplant Roses joined forces in order to minimalize the “Time to Market” for new products. This collaboration in research and innovation has proven fruitful by enabling all parties involved to effectively use the collective knowledge and research facilities, which has in turn allowed for the efficient development of new molecular and cell biological techniques.

Recently, Fresh Forward Breeding has joined this partnership. Fresh Forward belongs to the top of Northern-European fruit breeding, and mostly specializes in the breeding of strawberry and apple. Fresh Forward intensively cooperates with Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and constitutes a valuable addition to the Breeding Accel partnership, due to its research capacity, extensive knowledge of molecular breeding, and its close ties with WUR.
By joining Breeding Accel, Fresh Forward gains access to the knowledge and facilities of the Breeding Accel partners concerning the cell biological elements of breeding. According to Peter van de Pol, spokesperson of Breeding Accel, Fresh Forward brings a new perspective on research and breeding, due to its specialization in different crop groups, and therefore brings valuable new insights to the Breeding Accel partners.

For questions concerning this collaboration the following persons can be contacted:

Breeding Accel (spokesperson and Director-owner Schoneveld Breeding Peter van de Pol)

Fresh Forward Breeding (General director Teunis Sikma)